MOBIFICE K202S The World's First Keyboard & Earbuds Combo

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MOBIFICE K202S The World's First Keyboard & Earbuds Combo
1. Seamless Audio Switching

The keyboard and earbuds can both connect to 2 devices – for example, your laptop and smartphone - at the same time, and can be used in sync with each other. Your earbuds know which device you are working with currently. When you are attending an online meeting or enjoying light music on your PC, the earbuds stay connected via the PC channel to output the audio. And if a phone call comes, it will automatically switch to your phone and start delivering the conversation for you.

2. Premium Sound & Extreme Bass Earbuds
Earbuds support AAC & SBC codecs for high-fidelity sound. If you are a heavy-bass lover, they will surprise you with their perfect performance in the lower frequency. For gamers, these earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.2 to deliver timely sound effects from your gaming devices with low latency to help you win the game.

3. ENC Crystal-Clear Call
K202S wireless earbuds adopt ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation) system to pick up voice without unwanted noises, guaranteeing a non-disturbance conversation when making phone calls. The earbuds also support passive in-ear noise masking, so that you can fully concentrate on your work & games.
4. PBT Double-Shot Keycaps & Silent Mechanical Switch
Fashionable PBT double-shot keycaps offer durable usage and never shine. This hot-swappable mechanical keyboard adopts Mobifice Silent Amber Switch, which features linear switching characteristics, short pre-travel, quick actuation, and bouncy return, which is perfect for unleashing your productivity, as well as entertaining. It is so silent that you are free to use click the keys whenever you like and never disturb others.

5. Tri-Mode Connectivity & Multi-Device Usage
K202S keyboard supports 2.4G & Bluetooth 5.2 connection, while you can also enable it with USB-C cable. With a Bluetooth 5.2 USB transmitter and a 2.4G USB receiver, you are able to connect both the keyboard and earbuds to your device so you can use them at the same time, with no other operations or software required. Bluetooth 5.2 connection provides a stable and fast connection so that both the keyboard and earbuds are sensitive and responsive.

6. 5000mAh Large Capacity & Wireless Chargeable
To avoid a sudden power-off during working hours, K202S adopts easy Type-C cable-charging as well as wireless charging. You are free to choose the way you like, and can also type normally while charging.
The super large 5000mAh capacity built-in battery allows the keyboard to last for long on a single charge. Also, there are smart battery indicators to warn you if the battery is going to run out, so you can easily notice that and arrange your charging time properly, so you don’t have to always pay extra attention to its power status.

7. RGB Backlit & MOBIFICE Supporting Drive
Let beautiful RGB backlit decorates your working area and gaming zone.
Light effects are customizable by MOBIFICE’s supporting software. Or you can simply press Fn with other keys to set your favourite style with multiple colours and 16 different lighting modes. The drive also supports macro settings and keys programming.

8. Product Information

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