XTREMTEC XT200 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
Among all the TWS earbuds, XT200 caught my eyes at the first sight. The reason why I decided to take it home was still unclear, but after using it for a while, it was proved that I didn't make a wrong choice - not being cheated by its good look. There are 5 colours to choose from, all fresh and stylish, with cool patterns that might attract others’ attention.
Despite its outstanding appearance, XT200 doesn't have as many bells & whistles as some other TWS do. But luckily, all I wanted was just a pair of earbuds that performs normally when listening and won’t annoy me by frequently sliding out of my ears. XT200 meets all my needs and generously does more than I expected.
The most important thing I consider is fit. They are in-ear buds, featuring a quite long pipe into your ear, but surprisingly fit. I have rather small ears, so those one-for-all size earbuds are not suitable for me at all. XT200 includes 3 sets of ear tips and the smallest ones are just right for me. It stays firmly even when working out. Earbuds are sealed well and also waterproof, able to resist rain and sweat.
Connection is easy-to-start and stable. The call quality is awesome that the human voice can be heard clearly wherever I am. XT200 also does a perfect job in the fidelity and clarity of audio. If you are a bass lover, you might love it, because the bass has enhanced performance while other layers still remain detailed. I use it to listen to my favorite pop music, and there is nothing to complain about.
There are also some additional functions that I never expected and was quite surprised about. For instance, wireless charging is SUPER convenient. Wires and cables tangled on my desk can cause many issues and annoy me a lot. A wireless charger can solve all the problems and keep my workspace neat and clean.
The concept “Noise masking” is a kind of passive noise cancellation that isolates noise by the earbuds’ physical structure, and has nothing to do with active noise cancellation (ANC), as someone may mistake them. I tried some ANC earbuds before, and all of them did their job quite well but the sound wave they create sometimes made me uncomfortable. XT200 is far cheaper than those who have an ANC option, but surprisingly offers a fairly quiet environment. I use it on my way commuting, and nothing can disturb my listening even in a noisy cabin.
So, if you are looking for a trendy gift idea this fall, then I strongly recommend XT200 wireless earbuds for whether you or your loved ones.

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